MyHealth is secure online tool that keeps you connected with your Iowa Clinic provider. By logging on and creating an account, you can take a proactive role in managing your healthcare. MyHealth is available 24/7 anywhere, anytime from your computer, smart phone or iPad.

MyHealth Features

  • Request Rx Refills
  • View Test and Lab Results
  • Receive Appointment Reminders
  • Send Appointment Requests
  • Send and Receive Secure Messages
  • Pay Your Bill Online

Click on this link to get started: https://iowaclinic.followmyhealth.com

Click here for a printable PDF of the step-by-step instructions for registration.

Step-by-step instructions for the registration process from your laptop or PC.

** This is for patients 18 years of age and over.

  1. Go to: https://iowaclinic.followmyhealth.com
  2. Click on create an account.
  3. Fill in:
    • Notifications email
    • Frist name
    • Last name
    • Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
    • Zip code
  4. Click I accept.
  5. Choose your login method (FMH) or use an existing account you have
    (Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Windows, or Live ID).
  6. We recommend you choose FMH. Create a unique username with the following requirements:
    • Must begin with a letter
  7. Create a password with the following requirements:
    • Must be 8 characters long
    • Must include at least one number
    • Must include at least one special character (! @ # $ %, etc.)
  8. Enter email address, then enter email address to confirm.
  9. Click continue.
  10. Connect to The Iowa Clinic.
    • Choose zip code 50266
    • Click on Iowa Clinic Corporate Office
    • Click connect
    • Click next
    • Click I accept
    • Click OK

*Please note: Once your account has been connected to The Iowa Clinic (which could potentially take up to three business days), you will receive an email stating that you are now connected. If you do not receive the email stating you are connected to The Iowa Clinic, please call the Help Desk at 515-875-9950 or send an email to info@iowaclinic.com

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