Breast Cancer Patient Shares Her Story

Elena was diagnosed with breast cancer two months after her sister. Hear her story and why she choose The Iowa Clinic Women’s Center for her care:

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Since 1997 The Iowa Clinic has participated in clinical research to assess the effectiveness and safety of new medications. Clinical research has allowed Iowa Clinic providers access to leading edge medicine crucial to the development of new treatments. Participating in a clinical study offers patients new alternatives to standard therapy before it is available to the general public. Do you...

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What You Need to Know About the 2015-2016 FLU SEASON

To avoid a repeat of last year’s deadly flu epidemic, The Iowa Clinic urges you to get a flu shot. “Devastating” is the word Kevin Cunningham, M.D., Chief Medical Officer and an Internal Medicine physician with The Iowa Clinic, uses to describe last year’s flu season in Iowa. The number of flu cases, hospitalizations, and deaths – even among otherwise...

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When Pelvic Organs “Fall Down”

Stephanie Morgan, M.D., a Urogynecologist with The Iowa Clinic, spends the time necessary to help women discover the right treatment – which usually doesn’t require surgery. A lot of women – especially those who have experienced childbirth – experience weakened pelvic muscles and ligaments. When those muscles fail to hold the pelvic organs (bladder, urethra, uterus, small bowel, and rectum)...

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Against All Odds

As a Baptist missionary, John Leonard has served in some of Brazil’s most impoverished areas. In 2005, he was targeted by gunfire and left for dead. His story reflects the power of hope, love, and teamwork. Born in Des Moines, 55-year-old John Leonard spent most of his childhood years with his missionary parents, brother, and three sisters serving in some...

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Five-Year Search for Answers Ends

At just 29 years of age, Amanda (Mandy) Mrzena began a five-year journey to learn why her weight was spiraling out of control. Her search ended last fall at The Iowa Clinic when she was diagnosed with a one-in-a-million brain tumor. Mandy’s Story In 2009, toward the end of Mandy Mrzena’s first pregnancy, she began having difficulty with her legs...

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Prevent the Flu!

The best way to prevent the flu is to get a flu vaccine each season.  

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Surgical Breast Clinic

While surgery for breast cancer isn’t always necessary, many times it’s imperative for patients battling the disease. When you choose The Iowa Clinic you can be assured that a multidisciplinary approach is used when recommending the best course of treatment. The Iowa Clinic has a team of board certified surgeons who evaluate and consider several factors when making a treatment recommendation....

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The Iowa Clinic Men’s Center is the local presenting sponsor of the 2015 Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk. For more details and to register click here. Prostate cancer survivor, Mark Good, wants everyone to know how to prevent the second-most common cause of cancer deaths among men. At 56 years old, Mark Good is pretty young to have had prostate cancer....

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Take Time to Learn Your Family’s Medical History

Knowing your family’s health history can be life-saving. “Many health screenings are based on your family’s health history,” says Danielle Snyder, D.O., an Obstetrics/Gynecology physician with The Iowa Clinic. “If you are unsure about conditions family members have had, you may not qualify for certain screenings.” Specifically, in Dr. Snyder’s OB/GYN practice, “Certain heredity conditions increase patients’ risk of ovarian,...

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