PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) is a state of the art information system that allows instant access to images and reports. The Iowa Clinic is excited to provide doctors and patients with this technology that will significantly improve patient care.

The Iowa Clinic Medical Imaging Department Offers Digital Images

Internet enabled PACS will give physicians the ability to remotely access The Iowa Clinic PACS applications through a Secure VPN website:

All physicians interested in viewing images online must complete a PACS Access Request Form. Click here to download a printable version of this form. For your convenience, there is a section on this form for you to register a nurse that can also access PACS. There is a limit of one nurse per physician. If this does not meet your business needs, please contact Nikki White, Medical Imaging Manager, at 515-875-9675. Once you have printed and completed the form, please fax it to our IT Department so we can issue your secure login ID.

As a provider, you will have access to images and reports from virtually anywhere – directly from your home or office with your secure login ID that meets HIPAA requirements. A computer with high speed Internet connection is required for best performance.

The elimination of film means faster diagnosis and treatment, which leads to the reduction of medical costs. Patients no longer need to wait for their films to be printed. They are free to leave Radiology after their exam is complete. The patient’s image(s) will be available immediately on the new digital system.

Efficiency within the clinic and the hospital is improved, and delays will be significantly reduced if not eliminated. Physicians will have immediate access to images at their computer and will no longer have to search for x-ray films. Reports will also be available online.

If you have questions or concerns about accessing PACS or computer system requirements, please call The Iowa Clinic Help Desk at 515-875-9950 or email our Information Technology Department at