Protect you and your crew from the flu! Schedule your flu shot appointment today. Drive-thru flu shot clinics running Sept. 24 - Oct. 29.

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About Us

Our Foundation

See the people who serve on the board of directors for The Iowa Clinic Healthcare Foundation.

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Board of Directors

  • Brandy Waters

    Brandy Waters

  • Dr. Matt Trump

    Dr. Matthew Trump

  • Ben Vallier, MBA

    Ben Vallier

  • Dr. Kevin Cunningham

    Dr. Kevin Cunningham

  • Dr. Christopher Kim

    Dr. Christopher Kim

  • Mr. David Zielke

    David Zielke

  • Dr. Sarah Tallman

    Dr. Sarah Tallman
  • Dr. Kathleen Jones

    Dr. Kathleen Jones
  • Dr. James Mallen

    Dr. James Mallen
  • Dr. Nicholas Sullivan

    Dr. Nicholas Sullivan
  • Antonio Martinez

    Dr. Antonio Martinez
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