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I'm So Tired: What a lack of sleep really does to your body

Debunk the myths and find truths in sleeping habits with Local 5's Jacob Peklo and The Iowa Clinic Sleep Center's Medical Director, Dr. Gregory Hicklin.

Local 5 | Jacob Peklo

Photo of man yawningURBANDALE - Whether you're a firefighter, a doctor, or a busy mom, sometimes sleep can be treated as a luxury, not a necessity. It's something where we cut corners to fit more into our daily lives.

"The most common sleep disorder is insufficient sleep time, people who don't give themselves enough time to sleep," says Dr. Greg Hicklin, a sleep expert with The Iowa Clinic Sleep Center in West Des Moines. "It's the parent who takes the kids off to school, comes home, cleans the house, cooks the meal, helps the kids, does the laundry, goes to bed late, gets up early and starts it all over again."

Sgt. Nathan Ludwig of the Iowa State Patrol prepared a series of mental and physical tests for Local 5's Jacob Peklo after he'd been awake for about 30 hours.

Alertness goes down with lack of sleep, a danger for those thinking of getting behind the wheel.

"You come to an agreement basically where you get them off the road," Sgt. Ludwig says. "You tell them, we're going to call somebody, because you're a hazard out here right now because a drowsy driver is just as dangerous as a drunk driver."

Watch the three-part video series of this story:

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