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A New Approach to Your Healthcare

A medical home is an innovative, team-based approach to providing healthcare. This team includes you, your personal physician, Advanced Practice Providers (APP's) and other support staff from the clinic such as nurses and schedulers.

Group of medical staff standing and smilingResponsibilities of Your Healthcare Team

  1. Get to Know You
    • Your provider will learn your health story. We will update records every time you seek care and suggest treatments that make sense for you.
    • Listen to your questions and feelings and treat you as a full partner in your care.
  2. Communicate with You
    • Explain your health situation clearly and make sure you know all of your options for care.
    • Provide answers in a way you understand.
    • Help you make the best decisions for your care.
  3. Support You
    • Help you set goals for your care and help you meet these goals every step of the way.
    • Give you information about classes, support groups, or other services that can help you learn more about your condition and stay healthy.
    • Send you to trusted Specialists when necessary.
  4. Maintain Your Records
    • With input from the patient we will track continuity of care from Primary Care Providers, to Specialists to hospitalizations.
  5. 24-Hour Access
    • Provide instructions on how to meet your healthcare needs when our offices are not open through our answering service. Remember, when it’s not an emergency, you can send secure messages to your provider via MyHealth.
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