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Advancing Medical Care Through Research

Patients help The Iowa Clinic study and assess the effectiveness and safety of new medications.


Iowa Clinic Research and Testing

At any point in time, The Iowa Clinic is participating in approximately a dozen different clinical trials. The ultimate goal? To deliver better, safer treatment options to patients by keeping physicians on the leading-edge of medicine.

Grant Paulsen, M.D., Director of The Iowa Clinic's Research Department, says, “Since 1997, when The Iowa Clinic began conducting clinical trials, we have had success stories in virtually every area of every medical discipline. Patients learn so much, take on a more active role in their care, and can improve their health. For example, we've had blood cholesterol studies where a particular medication cut participants' lipid numbers in half.”

Participating in clinical research allows patients to gain access to new medications, devices, and treatments before they are widely available. Paulsen says, “Doctors get to be part of bringing hopefully better and safer treatment options to the patients who need them.”

But participation isn't automatic. Interested patients are first assessed by the research team to ensure that they meet stringent eligibility criteria, which may range from age and gender to having had certain illnesses in the past. As part of the mandatory Informed Consent process, eligible patients then receive comprehensive information about the study to help them decide whether or not they want to take part.

Learn more about The Iowa Clinic's medical research, enrolling studies, trial sponsors, and the Informed Consent process. Visit The Iowa Clinic Research Department or call 515.875.9815.

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