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Summer Safety Tips

Summer is in session! Keep your kids safe this season with our eight safety tips.

Women helping a boy learn to ride a bike

We know kids are involved in a number of activities during the summer months and it can be nearly impossible to prevent injuries. The Iowa Clinic has a dedicated team of Pediatricians and Family Medicine providers offering same and next day appointments to help your family get through the busy summer months. And for things that can't wait, our Urgent Care team is ready to take care of you.

To keep your kids safe and hopefully out of the doctors' office, we're offering eight quick summer safety tips for children.

  1. Boats
    • Always wear a life jacket
    • Keep hands and feet inside the boat
    • Stay seated while the boat is moving
  2. Bikes
    • Always wear a helmet
    • Look both ways before crossing the street
    • Only ride on sidewalks and bike paths
  3. Poison Ivy
    • Know what poison ivy looks like
    • Wear long sleeves and long pants
    • If you get a fever after exposure, consult a doctor
  4. Sun
    • Wear sunscreen of 30 SPF or higher
    • Reapply every two hours
    • Wear sunglasses to protect eyes from UV rays
  5. Swimming
    • Never swim without adult supervision
    • Never run on the pool deck
    • Avoid inflatable swimming aids like "floaties". They are not a replacement for life vests
  6. Bees
    • Stay calm if a bee is flying around you and walk to another area
    • If stung, immediately remove stinger and apply ice
    • Always carry an Epi-Pen if you are allergic to bees
  7. Mosquitoes
    • Wear long sleeves, pants, socks and shoes
    • Apply repellent with 10-30 percent DEET
    • Wash hands after applying repellent
  8. Lawn Mowers
    • Kids younger than 16 should not use ride-on mowers
    • Kids younger than 12 should not use walk-behind mowers
    • Wear sturdy shoes while mowing

Stay safe this summer — we're here if you need us!

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