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Featured COVID-19 Vaccine COVID-19 Vaccination Allocation in Iowa Although the long-awaited COVID-19 vaccine is here, it can be confusing to understand the distribution process and who determines vaccine eligibility and access. Here's the 4-1-1. Featured Coronavirus 7 Reasons To See a Doctor For Your COVID-19 Test COVID tests have become a part of life. Here's why you should see a healthcare provider to get one. Featured Primary Care How to Shake Off SAD and Enjoy All Seasons Winter blues? Bummer summer? When your mood swings with the seasons, you may be more than sad and actually have a disorder called SAD. Pediatrics How to Choose Your Pediatrician Looking for a pediatric or family doctor in Des Moines? Follow these steps to find the right provider for you and yours. Primary Care Even the Young and Healthy Need to See a Doctor on the Regular You might feel invincible, but a regular check-up can catch health problems you didn't know were there — or know were coming. Sleep Center (West Lakes) Can a Machine Really Improve Your Sleep Apnea? Better sleep is as simple as hooking up to a CPAP machine or clicking a button at bedtime. Sports Medicine The Most Likely Causes of Shoulder Pain and How to Fix Them So much can go wrong in this complex joint. Much of it is overcome with simple treatments. Primary Care How to Spot a Stroke: 5 Sure Signs and 4 Life-Saving Letters Stroke is a leading cause of death and disability in the U.S. Simply knowing what to watch for and what to do can save a life. Primary Care Cold or Allergies: Which is Behind Your Sneeze? The symptoms are similar, but a few key clues can tell you which disease you're dealing with. Back Pain Clinic Bulging, Slipped or Herniated Disks: What's Behind My Pain? If the disks in your spine are causing you trouble, it can lead to radiating pain throughout your body. So how can you find relief? Sports Medicine Why You Should Never Push Through Your Knee Pain A number of things can go wrong with your knees. Early treatment is the best way to overcome the pain. Internal Medicine How Much Exercise Do I Actually Need? Americans are more sedentary than they should be. Getting the recommended amount of physical activity each week has big health benefits.
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