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Featured Virtual Care How Do I Get the Care I Need When I'm Supposed to Stay Home? The Iowa Clinic offers eClinic, a virtual care service, to connect you with a primary care provider. Featured Family Medicine The Do's and Don'ts of Discussing Coronavirus With Your Children As the state of Iowa becomes more affected by the spread of coronavirus, it can be difficult to navigate this serious topic with your children. Featured Primary Care FAQ on the Flu: How to Protect Your Family This Flu Season Flu season is upon us. Prevent influenza from spreading through your home with these tips. Featured Family Medicine 3 Tips in Your Exercise Prescription Flexible and important exercise tips to incorporate into your daily life. Primary Care All the Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking Today As soon as you stop smoking, your body begins to repair all the damage. And the sooner you quit, the better your health. Gastroenterology The Pros and Cons of Your Colorectal Cancer Screening Options When you weigh all the costs and considerations, you can't go wrong with any of these effective screenings for colon cancer. Physical Therapy Stretch and Strengthen Your Way Out of Lower Back Pain The evidence is in. Exercise is the best medicine for healing your aching back. Family Medicine Stomach Flu vs. Food Poisoning: What's Upsetting Your Stomach? Whether it's an outbreak in your family or in the food supply, follow these tips to find the cause and the cure. Immunology Every Vaccine Your Child Needs From Birth to Graduation Vaccinations help children build immunity against serious diseases — and protect others around them. News Dr. Christina Taylor Helps the Public Prepare for Coronavirus Dr. Christina Taylor, Chief Quality Officer at The Iowa Clinic, shared how the public can prepare for coronavirus and how to take precautions against it. Urology Recovering from a Vasectomy: What to Expect After You Get Snipped For some, it's as simple as a bag of frozen peas and a comfy chair. A urologist explains what else you should know about the post-vasectomy healing process. Primary Care Hypothyroidism vs. Hyperthyroidism: How to Figure Out Your Thyroid Issue When your energy is thrown off, your thyroid is often to blame. Here's how to sort through the symptoms to solve your problems.
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