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Articles by "bone and joint center"

Spine Center What You Should Know About a Diagnosis of Spinal Stenosis Early intervention helps you manage the spinal pain that pops up late in life. Orthopaedics When Should I Get a Knee Replacement? Some people might put off having knee replacement surgery. But when the pain becomes too much, it's time to take action. Orthopaedics The ABCs of Shoulder Injuries From chronic shoulder pain to sports-related injuries that require immediate action, shoulder problems plague many patients. Here's what you need to know about shoulder injury and your treatment options. Orthopaedics When Should I Get a Hip Replacement? Having hip replacement surgery can feel like a major undertaking. But it has the potential to drastically improve your quality of life. Back Pain Clinic What to Expect When You See a Back Pain Specialist Getting to the root cause of your pain takes an in-depth assessment and a dose of patience. Back Pain Clinic 5 Signs It's Time to Seek Treatment for Back and Neck Pain Neck and back problems can affect you from your fingertips down to your toes. Sports Medicine All About Arthroscopy: What You Need to Know Before Going Under the Knife A sports medicine physician details what it means to get your hip, ankle, wrist, shoulder or knee scoped. Sports Medicine How to Tell When You've Torn or Injured Your Rotator Cuff There's a fine line between normal wear and tear and an actual tear of your rotator cuff. Sports Medicine The Most Likely Causes of Shoulder Pain and How to Fix Them So much can go wrong in this complex joint. Much of it is overcome with simple treatments. Back Pain Clinic Bulging, Slipped or Herniated Disks: What's Behind My Pain? If the disks in your spine are causing you trouble, it can lead to radiating pain throughout your body. So how can you find relief? Sports Medicine Why You Should Never Push Through Your Knee Pain A number of things can go wrong with your knees. Early treatment is the best way to overcome the pain. Spine Center No More Aching Back! Your back is a complex body part made of dozens of bones, muscles and ligaments. It takes a team to find the cause of back pain so you can find relief.
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