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Women's Center Healthy Steps You Can Take to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer So much is out of your control when it comes to breast cancer. Follow these tips to take back some control and help prevent it. Medical Imaging Genetic Testing Helps Calculate Your Breast Cancer Risk With a simple blood test, you can learn if you inherited a gene mutation that raises your chances of getting breast cancer. Primary Care Pancreatic Cancer: Vague Symptoms Hide a Deadly Disease It's one of the most dangerous types of cancer. Yet there's no easily recognizable warning signs or routine screening available to catch it early. Family Medicine Vaping is No Longer Just a Teenage Trend — It's a Health Crisis There's nothing cool about the health effects of e-cigarettes. The nicotine, toxic chemicals and cancer-causing ingredients are downright dangerous. Family Medicine Why You Need to Know Your Family Medical History and How to Collect It Thousands of diseases and disorders have a genetic component. Understanding your family's health history can save your life or a loved one. Plastic Surgery Your Alternatives to Breast Reconstruction After Breast Cancer You don't have many options with breast cancer. But you can choose how to live in your body after surgery. Gastroenterology The Pros and Cons of Your Colorectal Cancer Screening Options When you weigh all the costs and considerations, you can't go wrong with any of these effective screenings for colon cancer. Family Medicine The Not-So-Sweet Ways Added Sugar Can Harm your Body Sugar supplies a steady source of energy for your body. Too much of a good thing can have negative health effects. Medical Imaging New Technology Emerges in the Fight Against Breast Cancer The Iowa Clinic is the first in the Des Moines area to offer abbreviated breast MRIs for detecting breast cancer. Dermatology Moles, Freckles and Spots: How Can You Tell If It's Skin Cancer? The most common form of cancer is the one you can actually see. Learn your ABCDEs to catch your spots before they progress to skin cancer. Medical Imaging Thermography or Mammography: What's Best for Your Breast Health? Alternatives have arisen that provide conflicting information on the best methods of breast cancer screening. But experts agree that there's one clear winner in the early detection of breast cancer. Plastic Surgery Life After Breast Cancer: What are Your Reconstruction Options? Moving on after breast cancer surgery means making one last decision about your breasts.
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