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Pediatrics 18 Early Warning Signs of ADHD You Can Observe in Your Children Every kid is inattentive or hyperactive at times. When they show a habit of these behaviors, parents play a big part in bringing about positive change. Family Medicine 10 Fireworks Safety Tips to Avoid an Accident Since the fireworks laws in Iowa changed, you can light off much more than a pack of sparklers. Practice these safety habits to avoid ending your celebration in the ER. Family Medicine The Do's and Don'ts of Discussing Coronavirus With Your Children As the state of Iowa becomes more affected by the spread of coronavirus, it can be difficult to navigate this serious topic with your children. Family Medicine How to Choose Your Family Physician or Pediatrician Looking for a pediatric or family doctor in Des Moines? Follow these steps to find the right provider for you and yours. Allergy Can I Prevent My Baby From Getting Food Allergies? Common food allergies can be prevented early in life if you follow recommendations for introducing allergenic foods to your baby. Pediatrics The Not-So-Sweet Ways Added Sugar Can Harm your Body Sugar supplies a steady source of energy for your body. Too much of a good thing can have negative health effects. Events TIC or Treat Come trick-or-treat at The Iowa Clinic! Podiatry Attention Weekend Warriors: You're at Greater Risk for Foot and Ankle Injuries Too much of a good thing can lead to an overuse injury that can keep you away from the activities you love. Allergy 3 Common Childhood Allergies and How to Spot Them Allergies can start as early as birth. Keep an eye out for these easy-to-spot and not-so-obvious signs of pediatric allergies. Men's Center Turns Out, Being a Dad is Good for You There's extensive research highlighting the benefits involved dads have on child development. Now, a growing body of evidence outlines the positives of having a baby. Pediatrics What Every Parent Should Know About Cystic Fibrosis in Children It's one of the most common genetic disorders. Yet most parents are unaware of the disease until their child is diagnosed. Pediatrics The Truth About Teething and All Those Remedies for Relief Teething causes some troubles with little ones — just not nearly as many as you think. Use this guide to keep your baby happy and healthy until they have a full, toothy smile.
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