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Articles by "dermatology"

Dermatology How to Get Rid of Scars Getting rid of scars is a common desire for many patients with numerous or large scars. Knowing what's possible when it comes to scar reduction can help you set realistic expectations for your treatment. Dermatology New Technology More Beautiful Skin Lots of people struggle with skin issues such as acne, the signs of aging, and unwanted hair. The Iowa Clinic now offers a highly effective, non-surgical solution. Medical Spa Breakthrough Laser Technology Leads to Beautiful Skin Lots of people struggle with skin issues such as acne, wrinkles, brown spots and unwanted hair. Laser treatments are an effective, non-surgical solution to remove hair and imperfections. Dermatology Dermatology Tips for Soothing a Bad Sunburn When you fail on the prevention front, you have to help heal your burnt skin. Try these remedies to relieve sunburns ranging from mild to severe. Primary Care Don't Touch! How to Relieve a Poison Ivy, Oak or Sumac Rash You can come into contact with poisonous plants without even realizing it. Ease the itch with these remedies. Dermatology Moles, Freckles and Spots: How Can You Tell If It's Skin Cancer? The most common form of cancer is the one you can actually see. Learn your ABCDEs to catch your spots before they progress to skin cancer. Dermatology 6 Tips to Stop Winter From Weathering Your Skin Protect your skin from the elements — outside and indoors — this winter. Add a few dermatologist-approved steps to your skin care routine to fight seasonally dry and itchy skin.
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