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Articles by "diagnosis"

Family Medicine 7 Ways to Arm Yourself Against Ticks and Lyme Disease Ticks carry an inflammatory illness that can cause arthritis, neurological disorders and heart disorders. Protect yourself this tick season with these prevention tips. Cardiology Know the Score: Calcium Scoring Scans Your Heart for Hidden Dangers A quick scan of your heart identifies your risk for cardiovascular disease and heart attack. Patient Stories Two Weeks from Diagnosis to Surgery Like many women, West Des Moines' Courtney Bell, 35, didn't perform the recommended monthly self-exams on her breasts. But on a Saturday morning in October 2013, something told her she should. Sleep Center (West Lakes) Home Sleep Studies in Ankeny The West Lakes Sleep Center is now serving the Ankeny Community by offering home sleep studies to those who qualify. We know convenience is important – which is why we wanted to offer services in Ankeny. Patient Stories Unusual circumstance leads to early cancer diagnosis Breast cancer runs in Julie Dressler's family. Her grandmother had it and, two years ago, her father learned that he had it as well. Patient Stories The Power of a Shaved Head Read one woman's story on why she decided to shave her head early on in her breast cancer journey. Patient Stories Life: Amplified! 4 ways hearing aids changed Johnny Herold After growing up around the hum of farm machinery and later working in construction, a lifetime of excess noise took away much of Johnny Herold's hearing. Patient Stories Peripheral Artery Disease Patient Is Driven to Live Fully Read one man's story about persevering over peripheral artery disease. Cardiology Cholesterol: Now Just One Piece of the Heart-Risk Puzzle Whether or not you need to be on cholesterol-lowering medication is no longer tied solely to your cholesterol numbers. Patient Stories Three Weeks From Diagnosis to Surgery A busy mom of two gets a scary diagnosis.
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