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Audiology & Hearing Technology There's Not Always an Easy Answer for Your Earache Finding relief for ear pain starts with finding the source of the problem. Likely elsewhere than your ear. Primary Care Building a Relationship With Your Primary Care Provider Taking a more active role in your healthcare and finding a doctor you trust helps ensure you get the care you need when you need it. Family Medicine How Can Osteopathic Medicine Help Me? For patients suffering from chronic pain, osteopathic manipulation medicine (OMM) can provide much-needed relief. Here's what you need to know about how OMM can help and how you can work with your doctor to receive OMM treatment. Family Medicine How to Choose Your Family Doctor With so many doctors in Des Moines, it can be hard finding the right one. Follow these tips to choose the right family physician for your crew. Pediatrics Heads Up! Why Every Parent and Coach Should Know How to Spot a Concussion Head injuries can happen to kids of any age. Your parental instincts are important in identifying the signs of a concussion. Men's Center Men's Health Stats You Need to Know It's Men's Health Month, and we're exploring a few staggering men's health statistics. Family Medicine Stay Safe Outside this Summer & Know the Signs of Heat-Related Illness While heat poses a risk, the real threat comes with high humidity. Listen to your body and watch for telltale signs of those around you. Pediatrics Why Your Child Needs a Physical Every Year An annual physical exam isn't just for school or sports — it's important for your child's health. Obstetrics & Gynecology 7 Questions New Moms Have About Breastfeeding for the First Time Babies come with a lot of questions — starting with how to feed them. Get answers to the most common queries mothers have about nursing their newborns. Family Medicine Vaping is No Longer Just a Teenage Trend — It's a Health Crisis There's nothing cool about the health effects of e-cigarettes. The nicotine, toxic chemicals and cancer-causing ingredients are downright dangerous. Primary Care Why You Should Explore Integrative Medicine Integrative medicine is the crossroads between traditional medical practices and alternative, holistic therapies. Here's how it works for patients. Pediatrics How to Choose Your Pediatrician Looking for a pediatrician? Follow these steps to find the right provider for you and yours.
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