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Articles by "gastroenterology"

Gastroenterology IBD & Food: What to Eat to Manage Your Disease Certain foods make IBD symptoms worse. Crafting an anti-inflammatory diet unique to your condition can help you reduce flares. Gastroenterology What It Means to Have Inflammatory Bowel Disease This commonly confused bowel condition has greater health consequences if left untreated. Gastroenterology A Gut Doctor Answers Your Crohn's Disease Questions Stomach problems can lead you to a self-diagnosis of Crohn's disease. An expert weighs in on this complex condition. Internal Medicine Gluten-Free Diets: Facts of the Fad Despite food marketers' attempts to convince you otherwise, a gluten-free diet is only a healthier option for three groups of people. Gastroenterology The Pros and Cons of Your Colorectal Cancer Screening Options When you weigh all the costs and considerations, you can't go wrong with any of these effective screenings for colon cancer. Gastroenterology Celiac Disease: Why Some People Really Have to Avoid Gluten One percent of people go gluten-free, not for some diet fad, but because they have to for their health. Gastroenterology 6 Answers to Calm Your Nerves About Getting a Colonoscopy The most common screening for colon cancer is still the gold standard for catching the disease early and preventing it altogether. Patient Stories Back from the “Edge of Eternity” John Kujac credits the specialists at The Iowa Clinic with bringing him back from the brink of death. Primary Care Tea Soothes More than the Soul Learn more about the benefits of tea Patient Stories Back in the Game After Colon Cancer Benched from playing basketball by stage-3 colon cancer, one man wants everyone to know that colonoscopy saved his life.
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