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Articles by "immunology"

Featured Allergy Allergies or COVID? | Navigating Symptoms This Spring Another year, another round of seasonal allergy symptoms that might be something more serious. If you're experiencing these common symptoms, here's how to know when it's time for a COVID test. Allergy How to Handle a Food Allergy Scare If your child has a food allergy, fall can bring extra variables to the table. Learn tips and tricks for avoiding accidental exposure. Allergy What You Need to Know About Penicillin Allergies Almost 10% of people have an allergy to penicillin on their active list of allergies, but far fewer are actually allergic. Here's what you need to know about how to test for a penicillin allergy and what getting it off your list can open up for you. Allergy Evidence-Based Treatments to Relieve Allergy Symptoms Runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, and scratchy throats. These hallmark symptoms of allergies are a bane to many people's existence. Whether your reactions are seasonal or caused by something more consistently present in your life, there's no need to suffer from the symptoms endlessly. Allergy Can I Prevent My Baby From Getting Food Allergies? Common food allergies can be prevented early in life if you follow recommendations for introducing allergenic foods to your baby. Primary Care FAQ on the Flu: How to Protect Your Family This Flu Season Flu season is upon us. Prevent influenza from spreading through your home with these tips. Pediatrics Parents Head's Up! No Shot? No School! Effective fall of 2017, there is a new state of Iowa requirement for all children entering 7th and 12th grade to be immunized for meningitis. Request your child's medical records today. Patient Stories Allergic to a Drug or Vaccine? Read on to learn the difference between being allergic to a drug or vaccine. Travel Medicine Clinic Traveling Internationally? Here's a new, easy way to get the vaccines you need. Pediatrics To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate? Pediatricians with The Iowa Clinic believe it's the single most important thing that can be done as a parent or healthcare provider.
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