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Articles by "medical imaging"

Medical Imaging Thyroid Nodules: What Happens When You Find a Lump on Your Neck Feeling a lump on your neck can leave you with a lump in your throat. But it's more normal than you know — even when it's down on your thyroid gland. Medical Imaging New Technology Emerges in the Fight Against Breast Cancer The Iowa Clinic is the first in the Des Moines area to offer abbreviated breast MRIs for detecting breast cancer. Medical Imaging Thermography or Mammography: What's Best for Your Breast Health? Alternatives have arisen that provide conflicting information on the best methods of breast cancer screening. But experts agree that there's one clear winner in the early detection of breast cancer. Medical Imaging Everything You Need to Know About Getting an MRI An unknown test can lead to unease. Before you get an MRI, learn what to expect from your scan to calm your concerns. Medical Imaging Patient Navigators are Your Guides in Breast Health From your annual mammogram to diagnosis and beyond, you have an advocate in your breast care journey. Cardiology Know the Score: Calcium Scoring Scans Your Heart for Hidden Dangers A quick scan of your heart identifies your risk for cardiovascular disease and heart attack. Patient Stories Able to Eat Again! Read how a misdiagnosis left Christine Spence unable to eat real food for years – until she talked with her physician at The Iowa Clinic. Patient Stories Don't Ignore a Lump Don't wait, early diagnosis saves lives. Patient Stories Unusual circumstance leads to early cancer diagnosis Breast cancer runs in Julie Dressler's family. Her grandmother had it and, two years ago, her father learned that he had it as well. Patient Stories “Healthy” With Cancer Like many healthy women, Janna Foels, 46, delayed having her first mammogram. Patient Stories Breast Health From basic exams to surgeries, multiple approaches to breast health, General Surgeon Scott Hamling talks through The Iowa Clinic's comprehensive breast program. Patient Stories Coordinated Care Patients share their stories of experiences with The Iowa Clinic's Urgent Care and General Surgery departments.
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