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Men's Center Men's Health Stats You Need to Know It's Men's Health Month, and we're exploring a few staggering men's health statistics. Urology Recovering from a Vasectomy: What to Expect After You Get Snipped For some, it's as simple as a bag of frozen peas and a comfy chair. A urologist explains what else you should know about the post-vasectomy healing process. Urology A PSA About Getting Your Prostate Checked for Cancer This common cancer grows slowly, often undetected, which makes prostate cancer screening a critical step for men. Men's Center Turns Out, Being a Dad is Good for You There's extensive research highlighting the benefits involved dads have on child development. Now, a growing body of evidence outlines the positives of having a baby. Cardiology Knowing the Signs of a Heart Attack Can Save a Life You may think you know what a heart attack looks or feels like. But symptoms can vary drastically, especially between men and women. Patient Stories Prostate Cancer Survivor Continues to Educate and Advocate As men, learn what you can do to prevent the second-most common cause of cancer deaths. Medical Spa 5 Male Grooming Habits for Healthier Skin A daily routine of skin care can help you keep your boyish good looks. Medical Spa The Fight Against Cellulite: Why You Get It and How to Get Rid of It No woman wants it. But almost every woman gets it. Here's what you can do to reduce the dimples on your body. Family Medicine Am I Drinking Too Much? The Hard-to-Spot Signs of Alcoholism With that long-standing tradition of alcohol in the United States and our state, drinking is considered normal. It can be hard to tell when normal crosses the line into alcoholism. Urology 5 Pee Problems That Point to an Enlarged Prostate Problems urinating are more common — and can start earlier — than you think. Many times, your prostate is the culprit. Cardiology New Blood Pressure Standards Standards for blood pressure readings have changed. There is a new, lower standard for high blood pressure increasing the number of adults in the US with hypertension by 30 million. Check out the new standards to see where your reading lies. Men's Center 5 Reasons Men Should Go to the Doctor Why men should regularly visit the doctor.
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