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Articles by "pediatrics"

Featured Ear, Nose, & Throat (ENT) 10 Questions Every Parent Asks Before Their Kid Gets Ear Tubes An ENT offers answers about this common treatment for chronic ear infections. Featured Pediatrics Why Your Child Needs a Physical Every Year An annual physical exam isn't just for school or sports — it's important for your child's health. Obstetrics & Gynecology 7 Questions New Moms Have About Breastfeeding for the First Time Babies come with a lot of questions — starting with how to feed them. Get answers to the most common queries mothers have about nursing their newborns. Pediatrics How to Choose Your Pediatrician Looking for a pediatrician? Follow these steps to find the right provider for you and yours. Internal Medicine How Much Exercise Do I Actually Need? Americans are more sedentary than they should be. Getting the recommended amount of physical activity each week has big health benefits. Neurological & Spinal Surgery Little Clues Your Child Might Have a Tethered Spinal Cord Early observation can help kids with this rare birth defect grow and develop normally. Primary Care Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen or Naproxen: Which Pill Is Right for Your Ills? These medications are commonly used as cure-alls. But each one can offer relief for certain symptoms and at different ages. Neurological & Spinal Surgery More Than a Migraine: Chiari Malformations in Children A surprisingly common and completely correctable brain abnormality shouldn't be written off as just another headache. Neurological & Spinal Surgery The 5 Head Shapes That Signal Craniosynostosis The diagnosis of a serious neurological disorder is sometimes as simple as looking at your baby's skull. Physical Therapy 4 Youth Sports Injuries That Require Physical Therapy Bruises and broken bones are a part of growing up. These common athletic injuries require the care of a physical therapist. Pediatrics 5 Healthy Habits That Help Prevent Childhood Obesity The things you learn as a child can last a lifetime. Teach your kids how to live an active, healthy lifestyle to avoid the effects of obesity. Pediatrics 18 Early Warning Signs of ADHD You Can Observe in Your Children Every kid is inattentive or hyperactive at times. When they show a habit of these behaviors, parents play a big part in bringing about positive change.
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