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Articles by "physical therapy"

Physical Therapy Physical Therapy During Pregnancy Pregnancy is one of the biggest changes a woman's body can go through. During it, you could experience things like back pain, nerve entrapment, and general pain or dysfunction. Physical therapy can improve the function of the body and offer pain relief during your pregnancy. Get Care Can Physical Therapy Help with Your Pelvic Pain? When you experience pelvic floor pain, it can hinder your daily life. Find out how physical therapy can help get your pelvic muscles feeling back to normal. Spine Center Physical Therapy is the Key to Recovery After Spine Surgery Movement and exercise help your body heal — and help you live pain-free. Physical Therapy 4 Youth Sports Injuries That Require Physical Therapy Bruises and broken bones are a part of growing up. These common athletic injuries require the care of a physical therapist. Spine Center No More Aching Back! Your back is a complex body part made of dozens of bones, muscles and ligaments. It takes a team to find the cause of back pain so you can find relief. Spine Center How to Find Relief from Sciatica Some simple self-care measures can resolve your sciatic nerve pain — and prevent it from coming back. Physical Therapy Stretch and Strengthen Your Way Out of Lower Back Pain The evidence is in. Exercise is the best medicine for healing your aching back. Physical Therapy How to Strengthen Your Muscles to Eliminate Incontinence Whether you're male or female, physical therapy and pelvic floor exercises can fix your bladder control issues. Physical Therapy I Hurt Myself. Do I Need Physical Therapy? Pain, sprain or strain, physical therapists can help you recover from a variety of common injuries. Podiatry Attention Weekend Warriors: You're at Greater Risk for Foot and Ankle Injuries Too much of a good thing can lead to an overuse injury that can keep you away from the activities you love. Physical Therapy Cure Plantar Fasciitis to Get Rid of Foot Pain Pain in your foot or heel can sideline you from physical activity, even everyday activities. Physical therapy and simple home remedies can get to the root of your pain. Physical Therapy 5 Things You Should Know About Dry Needling A certified manual trigger point therapist explains how dry needling therapy works to relieve the trigger points causing your pain.
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