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Articles by "plastic surgery"

Dermatology How to Get Rid of Scars Getting rid of scars is a common desire for many patients with numerous or large scars. Knowing what's possible when it comes to scar reduction can help you set realistic expectations for your treatment. Plastic Surgery What to Expect from Cosmetic Surgery While every cosmetic procedure is different, the process to enhance your appearance is consistent. Plastic Surgery Considering Breast Reduction? Know These 7 Things About Surgery From the process to the procedures, a plastic surgeon outlines everything you need to know before undergoing breast reduction surgery. Dermatology New Technology More Beautiful Skin Lots of people struggle with skin issues such as acne, the signs of aging, and unwanted hair. The Iowa Clinic now offers a highly effective, non-surgical solution. Medical Spa Breakthrough Laser Technology Leads to Beautiful Skin Lots of people struggle with skin issues such as acne, wrinkles, brown spots and unwanted hair. Laser treatments are an effective, non-surgical solution to remove hair and imperfections. Plastic Surgery Life After Breast Cancer: What are Your Reconstruction Options? Moving on after breast cancer surgery means making one last decision about your breasts. Patient Stories Two Weeks from Diagnosis to Surgery Like many women, West Des Moines' Courtney Bell, 35, didn't perform the recommended monthly self-exams on her breasts. But on a Saturday morning in October 2013, something told her she should. Patient Stories Cancer Survivor Inspires Patients in Nepal Declared cancer-free earlier this year, Sarah Coy joined the recent Above + Beyond Cancer mission trip to Nepal – with financial support from The Iowa Clinic Healthcare Foundation. Patient Stories “Healthy” With Cancer Like many healthy women, Janna Foels, 46, delayed having her first mammogram. Patient Stories Not Every Breast Cancer Patient Has Risk Factors Even the best possible health history, lifestyle, and preventive medicine can't protect you from breast cancer. Patient Stories Three Weeks From Diagnosis to Surgery A busy mom of two gets a scary diagnosis.
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