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Family Medicine Why You Need to Know Your Family Medical History and How to Collect It Thousands of diseases and disorders have a genetic component. Understanding your family's health history can save your life or a loved one. Gastroenterology 6 Answers to Calm Your Nerves About Getting a Colonoscopy The most common screening for colon cancer is still the gold standard for catching the disease early and preventing it altogether. Patient Stories Prostate Cancer Survivor Continues to Educate and Advocate As men, learn what you can do to prevent the second-most common cause of cancer deaths. Cardiology Know the Score: Calcium Scoring Scans Your Heart for Hidden Dangers A quick scan of your heart identifies your risk for cardiovascular disease and heart attack. Men's Center 5 Reasons Men Should Go to the Doctor Why men should regularly visit the doctor. Urology Does an Elevated PSA Mean Cancer? Does an elevated PSA (prostate-specific antigen) mean cancer? Not necessarily. Pediatrics Heads Up! What Every Parent, Coach, and Athlete should Know about Concussions Learn more about concussions. Gynecologic Oncology Be Your Healthy Best How Often Do Women Need to Be Screened for Cervical Cancer? Pulmonary & Critical Care Finally A Good Way To Screen For Lung Cancer Doctors at The Iowa Clinic are using low-dose CT (computed tomography) scans to screen for lung cancer, which can mean detecting it in its earliest, most treatable stages. Patient Stories Pilot Tells Others: “Be a Man” One man tells his story of why it's important for men to go to the doctor for routine check-ups.
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