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The Iowa Clinic Cardio-Oncology department provides expert cardiovascular care specifically designed for cancer patients.

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As the first Cardio-Oncology clinic in Iowa, we provide compassionate, expert cardiovascular care for cancer patients before, during and after cancer treatment.

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Close Collaboration with Oncologists

We know collaboration is key when it comes to your cancer journey: That’s why we established the first Cardio-Oncology clinic in Iowa. We’ll work hand in hand with your oncology team to provide you the best treatment and outcomes.
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A 5-Star Experience, Each and Every Time

In addition to ranking highly in both quality and clinical outcomes, our providers have vast experience and are consistently praised for their commitment to excellent patient care.
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Conveniently Located

With options in downtown Des Moines and West Des Moines, the care you need is never far.
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The Benefits of Coordinated Care

When communication between medical professionals works like a well-oiled machine, your diagnosis is faster. So you get in to see the right specialists and get on the road to recovery faster.


Primary Care

Family practice physicians focus on caring for the whole family, from Pediatrics to Internal Medicine.

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Other Heart Specialities

With access and coordinated care from board-certified cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, cardio-oncologists and vascular surgeons, you receive a timely diagnosis and individualized treatment plan for your heart condition.

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