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Executive Health

Executive Health

Call to Schedule: 515.875.9855

Call to schedule: 515.875.9855

Patient Information

According to data released by Wellmark in 2015 regarding it’s 13 Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), The Iowa Clinic is leading in the State of Iowa in terms of Wellmark’s Value Index Score (VIS), a measure of quality and outcomes. You don’t have to travel out of state to receive access to top-tier specialists because we are proud to say they are working right here in your community.

The Executive Health Lounge

We want you to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible during your time with us, so we’ve created a private Executive Health lounge. Your Health Coordinator will serve as your concierge throughout the day and escort you to and from this area for all appointments.

The lounge has the following amenities:

  • Private Office Area with Computer and Internet Access
  • Refreshments
  • Sitting Area with Cable Television
  • Catered Breakfast and Lunch
  • Shower Facilities


  • What to Expect

    Your decision to participate in The Iowa Clinic Executive Health Program may be one of the most important things you do for yourself and your family.

    We understand that your time is at a premium, so your Executive Health physical will be completed within a 6-7 hour timeframe. All of your exams and testing will be done in one day at our state of the art multi-specialty clinic in West Des Moines. Our Executive Health Coordinator will work with you every step of the way, ensuring your experience at The Iowa Clinic is top notch. A detailed itinerary will be provided prior to your appointment along with all of the necessary information you need to prepare for your visit. All Executive Health appointments include the following list of exams and tests, but our program is not one size fits all. It’s tailored to you. Prior to your visit, you will be asked to complete a series of medical history forms and questionnaires. This will help our team design a comprehensive series of exams and tests to help identify your risk factors and any areas of medical concern. If the need should arise for a medical consultation with a specialist, you will have immediate access.

    Download our Tips For Your Appointment Day.

  • Will It Run Through Insurance?

    A company or an individual has the option to 1) process the services through insurance and then pay the remainder or 2) contract for the entire amount due for the service.

    Any additional services that are not covered by your agreement will be billed to your insurance and you will be responsible for any portions that are the patient responsibility.

  • Cancellation Policy

    A $350 fee may be charged if appointments are rescheduled or cancelled within 10 business days of the scheduled executive physical or if the patient fails to keep the appointment (no shows).

Additional Questions

If you have additional questions, please review our FAQ or contact us at 515.875.9855.

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