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Holiday Hours: All clinics and the eClinic closed Thanksgiving day and Friday, November 27. Urgent Care locations only open 8am-3pm Friday, November 27.

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Family Medicine Why You Need to Know Your Family Medical History and How to Collect It Thousands of diseases and disorders have a genetic component. Understanding your family's health history can save your life or a loved one. Family Medicine 10 Fireworks Safety Tips to Avoid an Accident Since the fireworks laws in Iowa changed, you can light off much more than a pack of sparklers. Practice these safety habits to avoid ending your celebration in the ER. Family Medicine The Do's and Don'ts of Discussing Coronavirus With Your Children As the state of Iowa becomes more affected by the spread of coronavirus, it can be difficult to navigate this serious topic with your children. Family Medicine Stomach Flu vs. Food Poisoning: What's Upsetting Your Stomach? Whether it's an outbreak in your family or in the food supply, follow these tips to find the cause and the cure. Family Medicine How to Choose Your Family Physician or Pediatrician Looking for a pediatric or family doctor in Des Moines? Follow these steps to find the right provider for you and yours. Family Medicine When is OMM Right for You? Some doctors have an extra tool not found in their medical bag — their hands. And it can help everything from pain to asthma. Family Medicine What to Do When Insect Bites and Stings Are Bugging You Spend enough time outside this summer, and you'll get bit, even stung. Luckily, you can clear up most common insect issues on your own. Family Medicine 7 Ways to Arm Yourself Against Ticks and Lyme Disease Ticks carry an inflammatory illness that can cause arthritis, neurological disorders and heart disorders. Protect yourself this tick season with these prevention tips. Family Medicine The Best Thing You Can Do for Someone with Alcohol Poisoning When drinking in moderation becomes drinking in excess, the brain and body are put in danger. And there's only one safe way to help someone who has overdosed on alcohol. Family Medicine The Flu is Here! Now What? Even though influenza is actively spreading through the Des Moines metro, there's still time to take preventive measures. Here's what you need to know to avoid the flu and what to do if you get it. Family Medicine Vaping: A Dangerous Trend Among Teens Inhaling nicotine and cancer-causing toxins through an e-cigarette isn't just un-cool — it's not safe. Family Medicine Why You Should Always Get a Flu Shot — Even If It Doesn't Work When flu season is at its worst, an annual vaccination is your best defense against falling ill with influenza.
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