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Breast Ultrasound

Tech performing a breast ultrasoundBreast ultrasound is a non-invasive tool used to evaluate specific, often palpable areas of concern — such as a breast lump felt by a patient or physician and an area of concern seen on a mammogram. An ultrasound examination uses a transducer to produce images of your breast. Breast ultrasound does not replace the need for mammography. Mammogram images are still needed to evaluate the entire breast.

What Should I Expect?

Your exam will be performed by a mammography-certified, female technologist at one of our diagnostic breast center locations. After you check in, you will be escorted to a private dressing room, where you will be asked to undress from the waist up. You will be given a gown that opens in the front. The technologist will ask you several questions, so she can better understand your history and/or any problems you may be having.

An ultrasound is most often performed in conjunction with a diagnostic mammogram. During your ultrasound procedure, the technologist will ask you to lie down on a table and position you appropriately. A transducer will be passed over the surface of your breast, producing a painless sensation of light pressure on your skin. A picture of the breast tissue will be seen on the ultrasound screen.

A breast ultrasound test usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes. More time may be needed if a physical breast exam is needed or if a biopsy is planned. A physician specialized in breast imaging will review your images and may also want to obtain more ultrasound views of some areas of your breast.

When Will I Receive My Results?

Your primary care physician will receive the results of your exam within 48 hours of your visit.

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