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Medical Spa

Medical Spa


Call to Schedule: 515.875.9755

Call to Schedule: 515.875.9755



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Phototherapy - BBL™

BBL (BroadBand Light Therapy) is used to treat a range of skin conditions cause by skin aging and sun exposure. The light energy delivered by the BBL gently heats the upper layers of the skin helping to restore it to its natural state. Phototherapy is a great treatment option for:

  • Sun damage
  • Freckles
  • Age (brown) spots
  • Redness caused by broken capillaries

Depending on the target, phototherapy works in different ways. When brown spots are targeted, BBL penetrates the skin to reach the cells and within seven to 14 days the skin will peel or slough off. If redness is the target, blood vessels in the deeper layers of the skin absorb the light and the heat damages the vessels causing them to shut down. The body then absorbs the destroyed vessels eliminating the redness.

There is no recovery time and low risk of complications with phototherapy treatments. Three to four treatments are performed three to four weeks apart.

*A consultation is required for accurate pricing.

Phototherapy Face Before and After

Phototherapy Hands Before and After

Phototherapy Freckles Before and After

Phototherapy Chest Before and After

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