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Holiday Hours: All clinics and the eClinic closed Thanksgiving day and Friday, November 27. Urgent Care locations only open 8am-3pm Friday, November 27.

Physical Therapy Articles

Physical Therapy 4 Youth Sports Injuries That Require Physical Therapy Bruises and broken bones are a part of growing up. These common athletic injuries require the care of a physical therapist. Physical Therapy Stretch and Strengthen Your Way Out of Lower Back Pain The evidence is in. Exercise is the best medicine for healing your aching back. Physical Therapy How to Strengthen Your Muscles to Eliminate Incontinence Whether you're male or female, physical therapy and pelvic floor exercises can fix your bladder control issues. Physical Therapy I Hurt Myself. Do I Need Physical Therapy? Pain, sprain or strain, physical therapists can help you recover from a variety of common injuries. Physical Therapy Cure Plantar Fasciitis to Get Rid of Foot Pain Pain in your foot or heel can sideline you from physical activity, even everyday activities. Physical therapy and simple home remedies can get to the root of your pain. Physical Therapy 5 Things You Should Know About Dry Needling A certified manual trigger point therapist explains how dry needling therapy works to relieve the trigger points causing your pain. Physical Therapy Take a Deep Breath! Deep breathing exercises that focus on your diaphragm do more than help you de-stress. They strengthen your core and improve body function. Physical Therapy Deep Squats: What are They and How Do I Do Them? Deep squats break the conventional wisdom on proper form. When practiced safely, they can help multiple muscle groups and increase flexibility. Physical Therapy 3 At-Home Remedies to Provide Relief From Back Pain Almost everyone experiences back pain. When it affects you, stay active, get good rest and manage stress to find relief. Physical Therapy Workout While Working: 7 Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk Sitting all day at work may be good for your bank account, but it's bad for your health. Take time to exercise during the day to eliminate common problems. Physical Therapy How to Combat Sarcopenia and Stay Healthy as You Age Muscle atrophy and loss of strength lead to many health problems as you age. A targeted exercise program in your later years can help you prevent that. Physical Therapy Getting to the Source of Shoulder Pain The shoulder is one of the more complex parts of your body, which makes it more prone to injury. That makes it more important to figure out where your pain is coming from.
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