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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Call to Schedule: 515.875.9744

Call to schedule: 515.875.9744

Breast Cosmetic Surgery

Your breast size and shape can make you self-conscious. Too big, too small, too uneven— there are a number of reasons to seek cosmetic surgery to change the appearance of your breasts and improve your self-image.

Breast Augmentation

You can enhance the size of your breasts with either breast implants or a transfer of fat from another part of your body. Both types of breast augmentation can increase fullness, improve projection, restore volume and make your breasts more symmetrical.

Breast Lift

The aging process, fluctuations in your weight, gravity and the effects of carrying and breastfeeding your baby can dramatically change your breasts. They may lose shape, lack firmness or start to sag. A breast lift restores your breast shape by lifting and tightening the breast tissue and removing excess skin.

Breast Reduction

Large breasts can cause back issues and other health problems if they’re not in proportion with your body size. They can also cause self-confidence issues, especially for men. Both men and women can get breast reduction surgery

Breast Reduction for Women

Breast reduction alleviates the physical and emotional discomfort of overly large breasts. This cosmetic procedure removes fat, skin and glandular tissue from your breasts and shapes them in a size in proportion with your body.

Breast Reduction for Men

Men can have overdeveloped breasts too and experience the same physical and emotional distress. Gynecomastia is a condition that causes excess fat and glandular tissue. It may be present in one or both breasts. Gynecomastia surgery is a breast reduction procedure for men that flattens the chest and enhances body shape.

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