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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Call to Schedule: 515.875.9744

Call to schedule: 515.875.9744

Reconstructive Skin Surgery

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and the most likely to present cosmetic and functional problems. An unsightly scar, severe burn or major change to your features can sap your self-image. Reconstructive skin surgery repairs the damaged tissue to restore your appearance and your confidence.

Scar Revision

Your body heals in unpredictable ways. Sometimes, your skin heals with no signs of previous damage. Other times, your wounds leave a mark. Reconstructive surgery cannot completely remove a scar, but it can improve the appearance to make it smaller or less obvious.

Reconstructive Surgery After Skin Cancer Removal

Treating skin cancer can save your life. But different treatments may leave you with cosmetic issues or loss of function. The consequences of skin cancer range from small, unsightly scars to permanent changes to your face.

Plastic surgery after skin cancer removal can resolve your cosmetic or functional problems. Reconstructive techniques range from simple scar revision to a complex transfer of tissue from elsewhere in your body.

Burn Reconstruction

A severe burn can result in scarring over large parts of your body. Skin grafts are used to help your skin heal and recover quickly. The resulting scars can be improved with plastic surgery to make them less noticeable. Burn reconstruction helps resolve scarring that leads to problems with the elasticity or function of your skin as well as the appearance.

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