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Featured Primary Care FAQ on the Flu: How to Protect Your Family This Flu Season Flu season is upon us. Prevent influenza from spreading through your home with these tips. Primary Care How to Shake Your SAD-ness and Enjoy All Seasons Winter blues? Bummer summer? When your mood swings with the seasons, you may be more than sad and actually have a disorder called SAD. Primary Care The Most Common Types of Headaches and How to Relieve Them Identifying the cause of your headache is the key to getting rid of your pain and getting on with your day. Primary Care Don't Touch! How to Relieve a Poison Ivy, Oak or Sumac Rash You can come into contact with poisonous plants without even realizing it. Ease the itch with these remedies. Primary Care Obesity is an Epidemic for Your Entire Body Being obese means more than having too much body fat. It does long-term damage to your body and puts your life in peril. Primary Care There's No Sugarcoating the Problems of Type 2 Diabetes High blood sugar can have serious health consequences. But it's one health condition you have the power to prevent or possibly reverse. Primary Care Cold or Allergies: Which is Behind Your Sneeze? The symptoms are similar, but a few key clues can tell you which disease you're dealing with. Primary Care What You Should Do if Someone You Know is Considering Suicide Nobody wants to talk about suicide. Until it's too late. But talking — and listening — saves lives. Primary Care Patient-Centered Medical Home The focus is on you, with a team that delivers proactive, coordinated and preventative care. Primary Care Even the Young and Healthy Need to See a Doctor on the Regular You might feel invincible, but a regular check-up can catch health problems you didn't know were there — or know were coming. Primary Care How to Spot a Stroke: 5 Sure Signs and 4 Life-Saving Letters Stroke is a leading cause of death and disability in the U.S. Simply knowing what to watch for and what to do can save a life. Primary Care Acetaminophen vs. Ibuprofen: Which pill is right for your ills? The first line of defense for your aches, pains and general unrest is the medicine cabinet. Once you start feeling under the weather, you pop a couple pills of acetaminophen or ibuprofen. And before you know it — relief!
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