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Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

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Internists have had special training focused on the prevention and treatment of adult diseases. They provide care from acute illness to the most complex of conditions affecting adults, including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diseases affecting the cardiovascular system and many more. Internists also provide care for our hospitalized patients, so you can take comfort in knowing the same physicians who see you in the office will take care of you in the hospital as well.

Why choose an internist for your healthcare?

Internists at The Iowa Clinic, just like family practice or general practice doctors, can serve as your primary care doctor. But Internists are unique because they focus on adult medicine. Internists don't deliver babies, they don't treat children and they don't do surgery. They do, however, have a wide-range of knowledge of complex diseases that affect adults. With in-depth training in adult medicine, an Internist is your best choice to help you navigate the increasingly complex world of medical care.

Overall wellness and health for everyone

Our internists can help even the relatively healthy patient learn more about their own overall wellness - disease prevention, mental health, substance abuse, dietary health - and problems in specific areas - eyes, ears, throat, and reproductive organs. Even a person in great health will benefit from having their yearly exam with an Internist because of the quality of advice given to help them continue on the road of great health at every stage of life.

Benefits of having one primary care doctor

Keeping the same physician who knows your health history throughout your adult years means better and more personalized care. Whole body health and wellness is much more achievable when you see the same doctor again and again and they can get to know you personally. From mole variations to mood disorder progression and chronic illnesses, if your doctor knows you, they will recognize important changes to your over health.

At The Iowa Clinic, our goal is to provide personal care for the individual over the course of their lifetime. We consider ourselves to be partners in your healthcare. We strongly emphasize preventative medicine, encouraging patients to make healthy food choices and to be active in their daily lives. We work hard to see every patient when they need to be seen, on the same day they call, if necessary. We want our office to have a friendly, professional atmosphere and we pride ourselves on treating patients with respect and dignity. We want to avoid the pitfalls of many larger offices in which patients feel like they are simply “numbers.”

We respect your privacy. Learn more about our Patient Chaperone Policy.

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