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When you're in pain, every minute can feel like an hour. So don’t waste your time waiting for an appointment.


Man holds back in pain while doctor uses spine model to explain condition

You don’t need a referral to resolve your neck or back pain.

Walk in or schedule an appointment the same day to find out what’s behind your pain and find relief. You don’t need a referral or medical imaging that shows you have a neck or back problem. Just come by or call ahead to 515.875.9888 and we’ll get you right in.

We’ll quickly assess your back and neck symptoms, figure out the cause and connect you to the appropriate treatment. You’ll be on the road to relief the same day you see us.

We stick with you throughout your treatment.

When you visit our West Des Moines Back Pain Clinic, you’ll find a whole team of experts on your side, dedicated to resolving your neck and back pain. After an evaluation from our pain specialist, you’ll be on your way to the treatment you need. You may see a physical therapist, pain management physician or surgeon in the same building at our Spine Center or one of our partners in chiropractic care, acupuncture or physical fitness.

No matter where your recovery takes you, our neck and back pain specialist is by your side to make sure you receive coordinated, comprehensive care.

Meet Our Neck & Back Pain Specialist

Emiily Burnns, ARNP

Emily Burns, ARNP

Emily Burns is an expert in back pain, neck pain and neurosurgery with 15 years of combined experience as a nurse and nurse practitioner. Emily is your contact and coordinator for your back pain care, from the initial assessment to your continuing treatment. Her highest priority is to eradicate your pain so you can feel healthy and whole again.


Tips for Managing Your Neck and Back Pain

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