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Spine Center

Spine Center

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Back Pain Clinic Services & Treatments

With same-day, walk-in availability and easy online scheduling, there’s no excuse to live with back or neck pain a day longer. Drop in today — no imaging or referrals required — for your evaluation and start your journey toward relief.

Initial Back and Neck Pain Assessment

From the moment you step foot into the Back Pain Clinic, we’re ready to diagnose your pain and get started personalizing your treatment plan.

As part of your comprehensive evaluation, we start with a full health history and physical exam. With this information, we find the source of the pain and together we formulate a plan to treat it. And depending on your needs, we can refer you to other specialties as appropriate or recommend medication as quick relief.

Coordinated Care & Treatment for Pain Relief 

Did you know? Not all patients need physical therapy, and we view surgery as a last resort. By choosing the Back Pain Clinic, we can work through your options and find a treatment plan that fits your goals and lifestyle. 

After your initial back or neck pain evaluation, you may be referred to a specialty within the Iowa Clinic, often conveniently located under the same roof.

Medical Imaging & Radiology

For diagnostic imaging — like X-ray, ultrasound or MRI — the radiologists at our Medical Imaging department are ready to support you. Plus, with direct connection to your provider team, you get a clear view into cause and treatment of your back or neck pain.

Neurological & Spine Surgery

When surgery is recommended to relieve your back or neck pain, our team of board-certified surgeons works to detail options and potential outcomes to help make your decision. And your dedicated team is with you from preparation to rehabilitation and beyond.

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

By treating pain, discomfort and limited range of motion in your neck or back with osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT), your provider uses the relationship between your neuromusculoskeletal system to work through issues in your muscles and joints. Common techniques include gentle pressure, stretching and resistance and can complement treatment or even replace medication or surgery.

Pain Management

Whether you suffer from an injury or chronic pain, the Pain Management team offers relief through recommended lifestyle changes or procedures based on your unique needs. 

Physical Therapy

To help relieve pain, physical therapy often introduces passive and active therapies to build strength, properly stretch and increase range of motion for back and neck issues. Passive therapies may include ice, heat or ultrasound, while active therapies include strength and stabilization exercises, low-impact aerobic activities like swimming or walking and targeted stretching. 

Partner Services

Trusted partners offer chiropractic care, acupuncture or physical fitness treatments to support your pain relief.

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