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Spine Center

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Back and Neck Pain Webinars

When you're in pain, every minute can feel like an hour. That's why The Iowa Clinic's Spine Center offers immediate, walk-in access for individuals suffering from neck or back pain. You'll be immediately connected with the appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic services, getting you quickly on your way to a pain-free life and back to your regular activities. Walk in or schedule online: appointments are immediately available.

Back and neck pain expert Emily Burns, ARNP shares key advice for assessing your pain in this webinar series.

Signs and Symptoms of Back and Neck Pain – When is it Time to Seek Treatment?
Whether you’ve been experiencing pain for days or years, it can be difficult to judge the severity of what you’re dealing with. In this webinar, Emily unpacks the signs and symptoms of back and neck pain and provides practical advice on when to seek treatment.

Seeing a Doctor for Back Pain – What to Expect
You’ve bit the bullet and scheduled an appointment to address your back or neck pain. Now, you’re wondering what comes next. In this webinar, Emily covers what to expect from your assessment, diagnosis and initial treatment. 

About Emily:Emily Burns, ARNP, Spine Center provider at The Iowa Clinic
Emily Burns, ARNP, has 15 years of combined experience as a nurse and nurse practitioner. Her expertise lies in neurosurgery, specifically neck and back pain. At The Iowa Clinic, Emily serves as the initial point of contact for all Spine Center patients and provides preliminary assessments, early intervention and treatment, and coordination of patient care.

Emily’s years of experience afford her firsthand knowledge of how much neck and back pain can negatively impact everyday life. Her highest priority is to eradicate pain so her patients can feel healthy and whole again. 

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