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If you feel you have been infected with Coronavirus, please call your physician's office first before coming to The Iowa Clinic. 

Barium Studies

The Iowa Clinic offers the following barium studies:

  • Lower gastrointestinal (GI) tract X-ray — also called Barium enema — is a diagnostic examination of the colon — or large intestine — to check for colon cancer, polyps, diverticula or other abnormalities.
  • The upper GI tract X-ray, is a diagnotistic examination from the esophagus to the end of the small intestine. Three separate X-ray examinations may be done, either alone or in combination, to produce images of this system. The three exams are:
    • Barium Swallow, an examination of the canal in the throat that leads from the mouth to the opening of the stomach
    • Upper GI (UGI), an examination of the stomach
    • Small Bowel Series, an examination of the small intestine
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