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Surgical Breast Clinic

While surgery for breast cancer isn’t always necessary, many times it’s imperative for patients battling the disease. When you choose The Iowa Clinic you can be assured that a multidisciplinary approach is used when recommending the best course of treatment. The Iowa Clinic has a team of board certified surgeons who evaluate and consider several factors when making a treatment recommendation. Our surgeons are some of the best in the state in both patient care and surgical outcomes giving confidence and peace of mind to those who need it most.

The Iowa Clinic’s breast surgeons were integral in developing Central Iowa’s first nationally recognized accredited breast program at the John Stoddard Cancer Center.

Receiving care from surgeons of a nationally accredited breast center ensures patients will have access to the following:

  • Comprehensive care, including a full range of state-of-the-art-services
  • A multidisciplinary team approach to coordinate the best treatment options
  • Information about on-going clinical trials and new treatment options

The Iowa Clinic Surgery Department has five board certified surgeons who specialize in breast and guarantee a surgical consultation within two business days.

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