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truSculpt® 3D vs Cryolipolysis (Coolsculpt®)

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truSculpt® 3D

(sometimes referred to as Coolsculpt®)

Technology Radio frequency energy sent through a handheld device that glides on the surface of the skin. It heats up fat cells, causing apoptosis (fat cell destruction). Fat cells that are destroyed are absorbed by the body and eliminated. Pulls fat into a cuplike device. The skin is held in the device then receives a cold treatment which freezes fat cells. Once frozen, they die and are eliminated from the body.
Time 15 minutes (per treatment area) 35 minutes (per treatment area)
Procedure Cost Competitive to similar options Can be up to 2x as much per treatment
Comfort Hot stone massage Initial tugging followed by cooling
Efficacy Up to 24 percent average reduction*, skin tightening, possible cellulite reduction 22 percent average reduction*
Possible Side Effects Redness and warmth during the procedure. Redness afterward but should decrease after 24-hours. Some bruising and swelling for longer periods of time

*Percentage of reduction varies by patient.

Download the printable infographic (PDF)

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