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Men's Sexual Health

Only vasectomy appointments can be scheduled online using the link below.


Please call 515.875.9800 for all other Urology appointments.

Men's Sexual Health

Sexual problems aren’t something most men want to discuss. Opening up about your issues with an expert in male sexual health is the first step in finding the right treatment to restore your confidence and your sexual well-being.

Our team of urologists is dedicated to helping you fix the problems that may not be easy or enjoyable to talk about.

Male Infertility

Fertility issues affect around nine percent of men in their reproductive years, causing a lot of stress in couples trying to conceive. Any issue that affects your ability to get your partner pregnant is considered male infertility. From fertility testing to treatment, we help you identify the issue to raise your sperm count and improve your ability to reproduce.

Erectile Dysfunction

Every man has difficulties getting an erection from time to time. Frequent performance problems can kill your confidence, sap your sex drive and cause relationship issues. There are a variety of physical and psychological issues that can contribute to erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, there are just as many modern ED treatments — from oral medications to penile implants — to improve your performance and your well-being.

Peyronie’s Disease

Bends, curves and scar tissue in your penis can cause painful erections, leading to further issues with anxiety, stress and sexual relationships. Medical injections, traction therapy, penile implants and a variety of other surgical options can help you straighten out your problem.


Birth control is an important part of an active sex life at any age. While men have far fewer birth control options than women, vasectomy is the most effective form of birth control of all. In one quick appointment, you can get a safe, effective vasectomy to provide permanent birth control. And while permanent, a vasectomy reversal is possible to restore your fertility.

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