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Is Vein Therapy Right for You?

Why choose The Iowa Clinic Vein Therapy Center?

hands rubbing sore legsIf you've done your research on vein therapy, you've likely noticed there are many types of vein specialists in Central Iowa who treat varicose veins. There is a significant advantage to seeking a board-certified Vascular Surgeon to help you with your vein problems. A board-certified Vascular Surgeon is the only vein specialist who can offer the full spectrum of services to treat your veins the right way, with minimal risk and excellent outcomes.

All about your FREE 10 minute screening

  • What to expect

    You'll complete a brief one-page questionnaire about your medical history.

    If you're wearing pants, we'll provide you a pair of disposable shorts to change into.

    One of our board-certified vascular surgeons will examine your legs and ask you a few simple questions. The physician will determine if you're a candidate for further vein testing or if another treatment option (e.g., compression stockings) would be appropriate.

  • Why have a quick screen

    Varicose veins are often a sign of a more serious condition that can worsen if not treated properly. A quick varicose vein screening can help us understand why your bulging veins developed, and guide us in choosing the best treatment option for your specific needs.

  • Underlying conditions associated with varicose veins

    Varicose veins are often caused by a condition known as chronic venous insufficiency or CVI. This condition occurs when tiny valves inside the vessels wear out or become damaged over time. The damage allows blood to pool in the veins of the lower legs, leading to vein swelling and varicosity. An in-office vein screening can detect CVI and help your physician determine the best type of treatment for your condition.

Schedule your FREE screening

Call 515.875.9090.

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