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News Baby Formula Recall The FDA is advising consumers not to use some powdered baby formulas after identifying bacterial infections linked to the products. News The Iowa Clinic Announces New CEO ​​​​​​​We are pleased to announce that Ben Vallier, MBA, has been named The Iowa Clinic's new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). News Better Prepared to Take on Healthcare Challenges After Graduating Leadership Institute The Iowa Clinic partnered with CTI to leaders to be better equipped to solve healthcare problems. News Life-Saving Machine Detects Early Stages of Lung Cancer Early cancer detection means everything. News Experts Advise Parents to Strictly Limit Screen Time for Young Children Dr. Dan Pelzer, Pediatrician explains why screen use isn't recommended for children under two. News 35-Year-Old Runner Was Two Weeks Away From a Widowmaker. Jen Hummel went to visit her doctor, thinking she had Bronchitis. She soon learned it was something much worse. News Flu Spikes Concern in Local Families The Flu season in Iowa is in full swing in Des Moines, and while not as deadly as last year, The Iowa Clinic's providers are seeing hundreds of Iowans come in with flu-like symptoms. News Wife's Quick Action Helps Save Husband Suffering Heart Attack After his wife performed CPR, Dr. A Nasser Khan and his team were able to save one Grimes man life. News Celebrating 25 Years The Iowa Clinic. Dedicating our lives to taking care of yours. News Veteran Receives Much Need Kidney Transplant Thanks to Dr. Qasim Chaudhry and Dr. Gaurav Jain, two high school sweethearts can look forward to their future together. News Des Moines doctor calls for discussion, not "Twitter war" over gun violence Dr. Richard Sidwell, a trauma surgeon with the Iowa Clinic, stands by the American College of Physicians' position that doctors should be part of fighting gun-related injury and death. News Dad, Daughter Doctor Duo Working at Indianola's Iowa Clinic The Iowa Clinic's Indianola location now features two Dr. Lehrs.
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