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Patient Stories

Patient Stories Transplant Gives Iowa Man Kidney Function — and His Life — Back Tom Henderson spent years tied to a dialysis machine. With a new kidney from an organ donor, he can look forward to many more years untethered. Patient Stories Off and Running to a New, Heart-Healthy Lifestyle A heart attack and triple bypass surgery couldn't stop Craig Gaumer from keeping a promise to his daughter. Patient Stories Innovative Procedure Saves Woman From Second Open Heart Surgery Facing the prospects of major surgery, Shirley Stevens trusted her heart — and The Iowa Clinic team who prepared her for another valve replacement. Patient Stories Grimes Heart Attack Survivor Has Everyone to Thank One week after collapsing on his patio and nearly dying of sudden cardiac arrest, Chris Goering was back to his work and his family without skipping a beat. Patient Stories A Quick Recovery After Lung Cancer Surgery Thanks to a minimally invasive surgery technique, one lifelong smoker got back to his new smoke-free lifestyle in a matter of days. Patient Stories Executive Physical Catches Heart Condition Other Exams Did Not Years of traditional physical exams confirmed what a West Des Moines executive already believed: she was healthy. One test changed her perspective. Patient Stories Prostate Cancer Survivor Continues to Educate and Advocate As men, learn what you can do to prevent the second-most common cause of cancer deaths. Patient Stories Two Weeks from Diagnosis to Surgery Like many women, West Des Moines' Courtney Bell, 35, didn't perform the recommended monthly self-exams on her breasts. But on a Saturday morning in October 2013, something told her she should. Patient Stories “Healthy” With Cancer Like many healthy women, Janna Foels, 46, delayed having her first mammogram. Patient Stories Cancer Survivor Inspires Patients in Nepal Declared cancer-free earlier this year, Sarah Coy joined the recent Above + Beyond Cancer mission trip to Nepal – with financial support from The Iowa Clinic Healthcare Foundation. Patient Stories Pregnant & Diagnosed With Colon Cancer One woman's story of how she learned she was pregnant and suffering from odd pains. Patient Stories Unusual circumstance leads to early cancer diagnosis Breast cancer runs in Julie Dressler's family. Her grandmother had it and, two years ago, her father learned that he had it as well.
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