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For Patients

Patient Surveys

At The Iowa Clinic, we are patient-focused and strive to provide excellence in healthcare. It is our goal to provide a 5-star experience to every patient. To do this, we rely on feedback from surveys.

In order to better understand how our providers are doing and where changes need to be made, we listen to feedback from our patients. One such form of feedback comes from a patient experience improvement firm, called Press Ganey, which sends surveys to our patients and monitor scores and comments.

The survey we send out includes a total of 18 questions, and will only be sent to each patient once per 90 days. Our Quality team communicates these results to our staff, and each provider receives reports for review and follow-up.

Star Ratings

We believe in being transparent about our patient's feedback. That's why we display our patient's scores from the Press Ganey surveys on every provider's page. This 0-5 star visual scale comes from the mean scores (0-100) divided by the 20. 

Very Good Good Fair Poor Very Poor
Mean Score Range 80-100 60-79 40-59 20-39 0-19
Star 5 4 3 2 1

Our providers receive reports about these patient survey every three months from data returned in the previous six months. The star ratings for that time are presented on the reports and updated on our provider's profile pages. These will only display for providers who have received 30 or more surveys. Providers need at least 30 surveys to be statistically viable.

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