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For Patients

For Patients

Patient Chaperones

It is The Iowa Clinic’s privilege and duty to provide a consistent, safe care environment within our clinics. Our optional chaperone program exists to promote respect for each individual and provide a reassuring environment for every patient in our care.

An optional chaperone will be offered to patients for all sensitive examinations or procedures. A sensitive examination includes the physical examination of or procedure involving the genitalia, rectum (regardless of gender) or female breast or the breast of a patient who identifies as female.

All chaperones are thoroughly trained and they may be medical assistants, nurses, technicians, physical therapists, residents, and fellows. Your chaperone will act as a witness during your medical examination or procedure and assist you as needed. The Iowa Clinic will do its best to provide a chaperone who is of the gender of your choice.

​Family or friends can also be present. For vulnerable adult patients, an accompanying caregiver, social worker, or group home escort can be present along with an Iowa Clinic chaperone. For minor patients, family members can act as the chaperone for patients under the age of 12. Patients between the ages of 12 and 17 can choose whether they'd prefer to have a non-family member chaperone.

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