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Colonoscopy Prep Center

Please read through carefully prior to procedure.

Your stomach should be empty. This is important for both upper GI endoscopy and for colonoscopy, because vomiting during sedation can cause serious complications. Your instructions will include the information you need to understand what you may eat or drink and when you should stop taking anything by mouth.

Please make sure to follow all instructions regarding what medications to stop before the procedure. Many medications can be continued, however please read all instructions to see which medications are ok and which need to be stopped ahead of time.

It is very important to clear the large intestine of stool before colonoscopy. Any material left in the colon will interfere with the physician’s ability to see the entire lining (mucosa) of the large intestine. It is also important to know that incomplete cleansing of the bowel will prolong the examination, and may result in more discomfort either during or after the procedure. Your physician will prescribe the laxative preparation that is best suited to be effective with low risk of harmful effects.

You must arrange for transportation, you will not be allowed to drive after your procedure. Sedating medications are given during the procedure which can have the effect of impairing your judgment, alertness and coordination for the rest of the day. You must not drive, operate machinery, fly an airplane, make important decisions or engage in risky activities for the remainder of the day and evening after this sedation.

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