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Pathology & Cytopathology

Pathology & Cytopathology

Welcome to The Iowa Clinic Pathology & Cytopathology Department.

The Iowa Clinic Difference

Pathology is dated as one of the oldest medical disciplines. It is defined as the study of disease where specialized physicians or pathologists work to derive information from laboratory tests and tissue specimens. This process includes the clinical examination of organs, tissues and bodily fluids.

The Iowa Clinic Pathology & Cytopathology Department is a locally operated full service anatomic pathology laboratory providing services to Central Iowa. We realize how important choosing an experienced laboratory is to patient management and care. For those providers in Central Iowa who choose to use our laboratory services, we value your trust.

  • Physicians & Providers

    At The Iowa Clinic Pathology Department we have assembled a team of physicians and specialists to provide your care.

  • Patient Information

    Get more information for your upcoming visit to The Iowa Clinic Pathology Department.

  • Locations

    Get details on where to find our Pathology providers.

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