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Pediatricians Answer Your Common Questions

baby held by mom, surrounded by two older brothers

You can read as many how-to books on caring for your newborn as possible, but nothing can quite fully prepare you for being a parent. It all comes with experience and a little help along the way. The Iowa Clinic's board-certified Pediatricians are here to make this chapter of your life a bit easier. From choosing a pediatrician to tips for potty-training your child, our pediatricians have you covered. 

Nutrition Tips for Kids

Do you have a picky eater? Dr. Jessica Greenley advises on how you can get your child involved with mealtime and ensure they are getting the proper nutrients needed to become healthy and strong.

What to Expect with a Newborn

Bringing home a newborn can bring up a lot of questions and worry. Dr. Joy Hanson is here to calm your nerves and offer insight for what you can expect when bringing home a newborn. 


A Guide to Child Wellness Visits

From infant checks and immunizations to discussion and guidance around development, nutrition and more - Dr. Sarah Holland walks you through the importance of well child visits in managing the overall health and wellness of your child.

Encouraging Physical Activity in Children

In a world full of TVs and tablets, it's as important as ever to limit screen time and increase physical activity in children. Learn what advice Dr. Daniel Pelzer gives parents to keep their child physically active.


Tips for Potty-Training

Potty-training? The planned weekend and sticker charts can cause more frustration for both parents and toddlers. Dr. Adam Secory explains why a hands off approach to potty-training may be just what you and your child need. 

How to Help Your Kids Sleep

Children need quite a bit more sleep than adults. Dr. Christy Sullivan explains the importance of establishing a healthy sleep routine for your child and provides tips to get on the right track.


When Should I Take My Sick Child to The Doctor?

Children get sick often, so how do you know when to take your child to be seen by the doctor? Dr. Ryan Tomlinson explains what signs and symptoms you should be looking for.

Choosing a Pediatrician

Expecting parents often have questions when choosing a pediatrician. Dr. Allison Whitney explains what to consider when choosing a pediatrician that it right for your family, including access, location and trust. 


Still have questions? Our pediatricians are here to be a resource for you and your child as they grow from infant to adolescence. Talk with a pediatrician to ease your concerns, learn tips to keep your child healthy and make parenting as easy as possible.