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Back-to-School Physicals

Schedule A Back-to-School Physical

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It may feel like Summer just started, but now is the time to schedule your back-to-school and sports physicals.

The Iowa Clinic Pediatrics and Family Medicine Departments are ready to get your child’s wellness in check before the school year starts.

We understand that you have busy schedules, so we are happy to offer same day and next day appointments in multiple locations throughout the metro, including our newest location: Waukee - Alice's Road. Schedule your appointment online or by calling 515.875.9000 today.

Back-to-School Physicals / Well-Child Checkup

A back-to-school physical or well-child checkup is an opportunity to track your child’s growth and development both physically and mentally. It’s essential to get a check-up each year so you can establish a medical history for your child and track critical developmental milestones. This exam is also an opportunity for you and your child to develop a relationship with a provider. The development of this relationship will help you and your child feel comfortable sharing any physical or emotional concerns, so your provider can address them early on.

Sports Physicals

Sports physicals ensure your child can safely participate in his/her growing list of activities. These exams are an opportunity for your primary care physician or pediatrician to identify any underlying injuries your child may have or even help to prevent any possible injuries in the future. During this physical exam, your provider can share valuable information about staying safe so your child can stay in the game.

Not Established With a Primary Care Provider or Pediatrician?

Visit our Family Medicine and Pediatrics pages to get to know our providers. Once you find the right fit for you and your child, book your back-to-school/well-child/sports physical online today or call 515.875.9000 to schedule an appointment. 

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